BSX, LLC is a member of the Bering Sea Group which is a wholly owned subsidiary of TDX.  TDX is an Alaska Native Corporation representing St. Paul Island, the largest Aleut community in the world.  St. Paul Island is one of five Prilbilof Islands located in the Bering Sea.  Tanadgusix Holdings and its subsidiaries are a diversified and varied business operation.  The business portfolio and experience includes extensive property managment and land stewardship in a pristine marine environment as well as environmental remediation contracting.  TDX also includes Fishing and Seafood processing, urban and rural lodging and hotel ownership, eco-tourism, and ground services and logistics in the marine industry of the Bering Sea.  Founded in 1972, as a part of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, Tanadgusix (Aleut meaning "our land") or "TDX", the shortened version, is a uniquely Alaskan company.  It's exceptional character and multifaceted perspective derives from the unique history of struggle, hardship, and endurance of the Prilbilof Aluet people, in a strange and sometimes hostile sub-artic ocean environment, under colonial domination of the two world powers (Russia and the United States) that have ruled over the Aleutian Islands and Bering Sea region since the mid-eighteenth century.

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